Sunday 5 April 2015

Pattaya, April 4th 2015

Following a previous report  on this site it has now been confirmed that Pattaya Provincial Court has ordered convicted British journalist Andrew Drummond and expat oil worker Astair 'Ally' Cooper to appear in Court in early May 2015 to answer a criminal indictment on dozens of defamation and computer crimes charges.

Andrew Drummond - convicted in previous defamation cases.

In a case filed by Drew Noyes, Drummond was charged in connection  with his Web site, and Cooper charged as a sponsor and supporter.

Alastair 'Ally' Cooper

The Court had previously ordered Thai immigration authorities to confirm Cooper's travel to and from Thailand, and to confirm an address to allow Court documents to be served.

The Court accepted witness statements and found a prima face case exists for Drummond and Cooper to jointly face trial. Both men are alleged to have posted defamatory statements online.

After accepting the case, the Court issued a summons for both Cooper and Drummond to surrender to the Court early in May. 

The decision by the Court ro find a prima face case exists cannot be appealed and if either or both Drummond and Cooper fail to appear, it is expected lawyers for Noyes will ask for arrest warrants to be issued.

A case filed by Drummond and Cooper against Noyes has already been dismissed by Bangkok Central Criminal Court.

Drummond apparently incorrectly reported the case had been filed by a third party, Brian Goudie, but lawyers for Goudie stated that they have not yet filed cases againSt Cooper, but expect they may receive instructions to do so. Drummond has been ordered to surrender to Koh Samui court on April 20th in three separate cases filed by David Hanks and Brian Goudie.

Lawyers say the acceptance of the case against Cooper is a clear warning to parties posting comments on Drummond's blog that they can be prosecuted as supporters under Thai law, as all foreigers are required to file an address with immigration authorities.

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