Wednesday 11 November 2015

Pattaya, Friday 6th November 2015

Tinsley - Convicted and in Custody

A British expat operating a visa service in Pattaya is in custody after surrendering to Pattaya Court.

Sean Tinsley, who was previously found not guilty in Pattaya Court of the attempted murder of attempted murder of Adam Pickles, surrendered after an arrest warrant was issued in late October.

The arrest warrant was issued when Tinsley failed to appear for the reading of a decision of the Region 2 Court of Appeal at the end of October, claiming a medical issue prevented him going to Court.

In a short judgement, the Region 2 Court of Appeal reversed the decision  of the lower Court and convicted Tinsley of the lesser charge of the aggravated assault of school teacher Adam Pickles and sentenced Tinsley to six years in jail.

Tinsley was said to have been infuriated after a minor road accident, and Pickles was later found with severe head trauma a short distance from the incident following a chase. 

Tinsley applied for bail today (Friday 6th November) which was refused. Tinsley had offered a cash bail of THB 900, 000 (approx. GBP 18,000) but the bail application will now be referred to the Supreme Court.

Tinsley is currently in the Pattaya Special Remand Prison at Nong Palai, and is awaiting the processing of the further bail application at Pattaya Court, which by law must now be referred to the Supreme Court of Thailand. This can take up to ten working days.

Shortly after the near deadly assault, Adam Pickles was airlifted back to the UK for medical treatment and rehabilitation,  and remains in a care and rehabilitation facility in a semi concious state.


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