Tuesday 13 October 2015

Lawyers acting for Alba Laws and Sukanya Worakham have announced they will sue Thai lawyer Yongyuth Srikrishna of Sukothai International Law, who have offices in Pattaya and Samui, for malicious prosecution and filing false criminal charges.

Miller - sentenced to 38 years
Sukanya Worakham and Alba Laws were last month found not guilty of fraud and theft in a case filed by Srikrishna on behalf of the mother of Greg Miller, a convicted paedophile who committed suicide after being sentenced to 38 years in jail for the serial rape of a 9 year old boy.

Worakham was found not guilty on 22nd September after a two year campaign of #internetharrassment spearheaded by a convicted criminal and wanted fugitive had already as good as convicted her on the internet.

Worakham had featured on the web site of Andrew Drummond, who is now on the run with seven outstanding arrest warrants.
Andrew Drummond - on the run 

A third defendant, Brian Goudie has already lodged documents with Pattaya Court and officers of the Anti Corruption squad following irregularities being revealed in Court files. Goudie and Worakham were jointly charged and lawyers say it is impossible to convict one party and dismiss against the others.

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