Monday 20 April 2015

Koh Samui, 20th April 2015

Koh Samui Provincial Court today issued arrest warrants in three criminal cases for fugitive British journalist Andrew Drummond.

Andrew Drummond - Three more arrest warrants issued
Drummond, already with two criminal convictions in Thailand, had failed to appear for the fourth time before Koh Samui Court, and an application to adjourn the case filed by Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth on behalf of Drummond was dismissed.

Drummond by his lawyers told the Court that he was in UK arranging education for his three children and was unable to travel, however the Court was told Pattaya Court had already issued at least two arrest warrants for Drummond in the last few months and submissions were made to the effect that the arrest warrants were a greater reason for Drummond failing to appear, as Drummond would have been arrested as he entered the Court.

Brian Goudie - filed two cases
In it's decision, the Court found that Drummond had been given two chances previously to adjourn and found Drummond was intentionally trying to delay the case, deciding a further adjournment was not justified.

The Court then ordered three arrest warrants be issued for the convicted fugitive journalist, describing him as an 'escaped convict'.

Lawyer Sanya Namnaphon of Alba Laws LLP appeared on behalf of Brian Goudie and David Hanks in case number 1246/2556, 1269/2556 and 1826/2556 in which Drummond has to face approximately 40 criminal charges.

David Hanks - convicted Drummond last year
Goudie had filed two cases that were heard together, and Hanks had filed a further case over an article in the Scottish Sun that Drummond had also published on his web site.

Drummond was previously convicted on 4th February 2014 in a criminal case filed by Hanks and Drew Noyes.

Drummond was further convicted on October 27th 2014 in a case heard by the Supreme Court of Thailand in a case brought by James Lumsden.

Pattaya Provincial Court had previously issued a warrant for Drummond on 17th March in case number 8368/2556 - a case filed by Drew Noyes.

The case has approximately 85 criminal charges, and Drummond has been ordered to surrender to Pattaya Court on May 7th to answer the charges filed by Noyes.

A spokesperson for Hanks and Goudie said today:

'Brian and David are very happy that the Court saw through this ploy by Drummond today to yet again delay this case, and took a firm stand.

The fight with Drummond is not yet over - he has fled justice in Thailand, but is now within the jurisdiction of the UK Courts, and may find them less forgiving than the Courts in Thailand.

Mr Drummond says everyone is a criminal, or a fugitive, but is actually a hypocrit who always forgets to look at himself in the mirror.

Fleeing justice in Thailand is tantamount to an act of cowardice by Drummond for refusing to stand by the allegations he has made against these men, who have fought him in the Courts for the last three years'.

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