Wednesday 22 April 2015

Pattaya, April 23rd 2015.

Pattaya Court this morning accepted a case against Kanokrat Nismsamoot Booth กนกรัตน์ นิ่มสมุทธ บูส charges of filing false criminal charges (ฟ้องเท็จ).

Booth filed a case last year against a Thai National and Drew Noyes, and the case was dismissed against Noyes who then filed counter charges.  The counter charges have now been accepted.

The Court accepted the case this morning and issued a summons for Booth to appear in June to post bail and answer the charges, and if she does not appear it is expected Noyes will ask for an arrest warrant to be issued.

Booth filed a second case against Noyes in Bangkok, which was dismissed earlier this year, and it is expected that further charges will be filed against Booth by Noyes in coming days.


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