Tuesday 20 October 2015

Monday 19th October 2015

Thor Halland aka Phillip Holland

A UK expat charged with robbery and extortion today failed to appear in Pattaya Court and was deemed to be a wanted fugitive after the Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

Thor Halland, who changed his name from Phillip Holland, was due to appear in Court after being released on bail.

On his failure to appear, the Court adjourned the case for two months, and issued a warrant for Halland/Holland.

Immediately after being released on bail from Nong Palai Prison, Halland is said to have assualted his disabled wife and threatened to kill a former friend in a blind rage

Halland's wife immediately reported the matter to Pattaya Police who obtained a second arrest warrant for Halland/Holland.

Police are said to have been disgusted that Halland/Holland assualted his diabled wife, over allegations she had not worked hard enough to secure Halland/Holland's release on bail.

Zabodaev and Halland/Holland at their arrest
Halland/Holland was charged with two others, Dennis Zabodaev after allegedly being coerced by Halland/Holland to stand as 'bodyguard' while Halland/Holland threated 'Laurent' in an extortion bid that became a comedy of errors - the whole farce was caught on CCTV!

Halland/Holland and Zabodaev were denied bail and sent to Nong Palai prison, but authorities were forced to separate them as Zabodaev alleges he was unaware of what was going on.

A third man remains at large.

Halland/Holland, allegedly previously held in a psychiatric hospital, was ostracised in prison, being described as a 'homosexual oddball' with 'low standards of hygiene'.


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