Saturday 2 December 2017

Andrew Drummond - Blog deleted
Internet Giant Google has deleted the Blog site of fugitive blogger Andrew Drummond.

Drummond, a tabloid journalist, had run the blog for over ten years, however Google is reported to have bowed to pressure after receiving dozens of complaints of internet harassment and defamation.

Drummond absconded from Thailand in 2015 after being convicted and whilst on bail for computer related offences, has a number of outstanding arrest warrants.

Drummond had multiple arrest warrants issued after lawyers unsuccessfully argued he could not appear in Court due to family commitments in the UK.

Google has recently been more reactive to requests to remove defamatory materials after losing cases in Australia, London, Germany, France and Italy. Google has unsuccessfully argued that it is not a secondary publisher, but has lost each case.

The High Court of Australia recently gave special leave to appeal to Milorad Trkulja, who has successfully claimed damages from Google as a secondary publisher, but is now arguing that Google Search is a primary publisher, as the search algorithm creates its own snippets and text.

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