Wednesday 29 April 2015

Bangkok, April 20th 2015

andrew drummond journalist wanted fugitive
Andrew Drummond - absconded on bail to evade justice

Bangkok Central Criminal Court today found Drew Noyes, Pattaya Times and Wanrapu Boonsu not  guilty in a defamation and Computer Crimes case today in a case filed by British Journalist Andrew Drummond.

Drummond is a convicted criminal and wanted fugitive, and was, previously the correspondent in Thailand for the London Evening Standard.

In Black case number 3509/2556, in which Drummond alleged his reputation was damaged by the publishing of a letter written by the Public Relations Department, the Court found the publication of the letter was not defamatory as it contents were correct and verified, and also that Drummond had failed to appear to give evidence therefore there was no evidence before the Court that Drummond had been damaged in any way.

Kanokrat Booth - now facing prosecution.

Drummond gave evidence by appointing Kanokrat Nimsamooot Booth (nกกนกรัตน์ นิ่มสมุทธ บูส) as Power of Attorney, but the Court found the failure of Drummond to appear made the case nugatory. 

Drummond and Booth are now expected to have further criminal charges filed against them for filing false criminal charges. Booth is already facing indictment in Pattaya after a previous case in which she had filed against Noyes was involved was also dismissed.

 Drummond has two criminal convictions in Thailand, after being convicted by James Lumsden in the Supreme Court of Thailand, and was convicted in Pattaya on 4th February 2015 by Drew Noyes and David Hanks.

Drummond, who absconded while on bail, and now has five arrest warrants outstanding in cases brought by Noyes, Brian Goudie and David Hanks.

Drummond is facing arrest in nearly two hundred criminal charges already accepted by the Courts in Thailand.

Drummond fled to evade justice just days before the Supreme Court of Thailand ordered him be arrested.

Noyes said today after the verdict was read:

'We are delighted that the Court reached this verdict, upholding the fact that what was written about Drummond's Press Card being cancelled by the Thai Governement was absolutely true, and that an absconded convicted criminal who has fled justice should not be able to continue to prosecute cases by using others with Power of Attorney to give evidence on his behalf in the Courts while he is a fugitive from justice.'

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