Wednesday 22 April 2015

Pattaya, 22nd April 2015

Andrew Drummond - on the run from over a hundred criminal charges.

In what started as a bad week for fugitive British journalist Andrew Drummond when Koh Samui Court issued 3 arrest warrants for him on Monday in 3 separate cases,   Pattaya Court today issued yet another arrest warrant for Drummond, bringing the number of arrest warrants issued this week to 4.

In total Drummond now has 5 outstanding warrants in relation to over a hundred criminal charges follows:

Case number   Plaintiff        Court                Date issued             Detail              Status

2014/2557      Jim Lumsden Pattaya        27th October 2014  2 charges     Convicted
8368/2556      Drew Noyes   Pattaya         17th March 2015     11 charges  Arrest warrant
1246/2556      David Hanks  Koh Samui  20th April 2015       15 charges   Arrest warrant
1269/2555      Brian Goudie Koh Samui   20th April 2015       4 charges    Arrest warrant
1826/2556      Brian Goudie Koh Samui   20th April 2015       22 charges  Arrest warrant
9819/2555      Drew Noyes    Pattaya         22nd April 2015      2 charges    Convicted
1327/2557       Drew Noyes   Pattaya         7th May 2015          85 charged  * see note

In case 1327/2557 Drummond has been summonsed to appear in Pattaya Court on May 7th to answer 85 new criminal charges filed by Drew Noyes, which Pattaya Court accepted for trial last month - he is not expected to appear.

* Note: in case 1327/2557 Drummond is a joint defendant with Alastair 'Ally' Cooper, who has also been summonsed to appear on May 7th.

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