Monday 2 February 2015

Pattaya, 2nd February 2015 

Boonrod Baikrathok - failed to appear after police summons
#PattayaGloryRealEstate employee Boonrod Baikrathok has been ordered to surrender to Pattaya Police tomorrow February 3rd 2015 to make arrangements to return company property from her previous employer 'Jimi International', or be charged with robbery and theft.

Baikrathok, apparently previously a freelance employee in Pattaya Soi 6 was employed to manage a bar, restaurant and guest house, and has already failed to surrender to police twice before on November 29th and January 15th, and if she fails to appear tomorrow it is mandatory for police to request an arrest warrant be issued as she will be considered a fugitive.

#BoonrodBaikrathok, whose nickname is 'Nang', was reported to police in August last year by Brian Goudie, and a further complaint has now been lodged by a corporate shareholder.

If Baikrathok fails to return company property, or give reasons for not being able to do so, she is to be formally charged with the theft of equipment and fixtures and fittings at the premises of her previous employer in the amount of THB 2,000,000 (GBP50,000).

So far Baikrathok, has so far failed to coperate following previous police summonses, and is apparently now refusing to talk to police.

Baikrathok had previously made arrangements to appear with a mysterious 'lawyer' known only as 'Nok', but then did not attend - as a result police are now assuming it will be necessary to issue a warrant.

In related matters, Baikrathok is expected to be charged by five other companies, and two individuals in relation to theft of personal items and documents.

The case arises from Baikrathok removing all fixtures and fitting from the premises of her previous employer.These photos were taken during an inspection of the premises by shareholders and police, who are investigating the manager of the company, Boonrod Baikrathok (Nang), for theft of company assets.

Baikrathok failed to appear at Pattaya Police station on November 27th and police are now considering issuing an arrest warrant for her.

Shareholders have described the building as having been 'ransacked' and damages now amount to THB 5,700,000 (GBP 115,000).

Security door removed with jackhammer.
Baikrathok now works as a real estate agent and property manager for 'Pattaya Glory Real Estate' - shareholders of 'Jimi' have said any prospective client should view these photos first!

Air Con removed

Office stripped of equipment and all documents stolen
After the inspection by police, shareholders and insurers lawyers said:

'The building has been totally destroyed - ransacked is probably the best word for it, aircons, taps, furniture, TV's, even the light switches and plumbing fittings have been stolen. 

Everyone who has seen this agrees it is more than a simple theft, it can only be described as a wanton act of destruction and vandalism.

Because shareholders had already locked the premises and Nang did not have keys it was  thought she would not be able to enter the private office and owners apartment - it seems Baikrathok's answer to that was to jack hammer the wall out.

Ms. Baikrathok was left in place as the manager of an eight room guest house with a bar and restaurant, and has left it as a derelict shell - she will either return the company property and repair the damage, or be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."


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