Friday 6 February 2015

Pattaya, 6th February 2015

Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth andrew drummond criminal
Kanokrat Booth - facing criminal charges in Pattaya
Court records of Pattaya Court reveal that a criminal case has been filed against Kanokrat Nimasamoot Booth by Drew Noyes.

The case as filed accuses Booth, a close associate of convicted criminal and wanted fugitive Andrew Drummond, of filing a false case under Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act in Pattaya Court last year – the case was dismissed against Noyes, but a Thai National has been committed to trial.

Court records reveal that Noyes alleges Booth filed the case ‘well knowing’ Noyes had not committed any offence, and has filed the case to ‘harass’ Noyes.
Andrew Drummond - convicted criminal and wanted fugitive

The case follows a number of cases being filed and accepted against Drummond, who recently fled Thailand becoming a wanted fugitive just days before he was to be sentenced by Thailand’s Supreme Court. Booth had on many occassions acted as Power of Attorney for Drummond.

Drummond was previously convicted in the Supreme Court on 27th October 2014 in a case filed by James Lumsden, and in a separate case filed by Drew Noyes and David Hanks in Pattaya on 3rd February 2014.

Following Drummond failing to appear on January 29th in the Supreme Court for a second case filed by Lumsden, an arrest warrant was issued and the sentencing hearing adjourned until March 25th.

The case against Booth has been set down for preliminary hearing next month.


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