Wednesday 28 January 2015


Andrew Drummond - convicted criminal and wanted fugitive.
Convicted criminal British journalist Andrew Drummond today failed to appear at the reading of a judgement of the Supreme Court of Thailand and the Court has issued a warrant for his arrest, and Drummond is now a wanted fugitive and has been placed on immigration alert.

andrew drummond journalist arrest convicted
The order to arrest Andrew Drummond (translation below).
In case number 3014/45 lawyers for James Lumsden and the Court were waiting on the convicted journalist to appear, however neither Drummond nor his lawyer appeared in Court and lawyers for Lumsden requested a warrant -  the Court made an order for an arrest warrant to be immediately issued.

Drummond had failed to appear in this case previously, which was filed by James Lumsden, a Pattaya businessman. Drummond wrote an article on in 2004, and it has taken over ten years for the Supreme Court to prepare this judgement.

This is the second time in as many weeks Drummond has failed to appear in Court after failing to appear in Court in Koh Samui last month in two cases filed by Brian Goudie and a case filed by David Hanks claiming he was suffering from high blood pressure.

 Drummond had previously told Koh Samui Court he could not attend as he was attending meetings, and that claim is now under investigation and if proven false will likely result in a prosecution for contempt of court.

Drummond was recently convicted by the Supreme Court of Thailand in a second case filed by Lumsden, and was also convicted in Pattaya Provincial Criminal Court in February last year.

Drummond has already failed to comply with an order of the Supreme Court to publish the previous judgement in the Bangkok Post, and has now been given an extension to comply - failure to comply a second time will likely result in a prosecution for contempt of Court.

andrew drummond journalist arrest convicted
Translation of Order for Warrant of Arrest

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