Monday 23 February 2015

Pattataya, February 23rd 2015

Thai National Boonrod Baikrathok has been officially removed from her position as Managing Director of Jimi International Co. Ltd.

Following a temporary injunction being lifted by Pattaya Provincial Court on 11th February 2013, lawyers acting for Brian Goudie filed documents with the Department of Business Registrations to have Ms. Baikrathok removed officially.

Sources at the Department of Business Registrations confirmed the company changes were completed today and Ms. Baikrathok had been officially removed.

Ms. Baikrathok had been in principal removed from her position in February last year, but Pattaya Court issued a temporary order in a case brought by Barbara Miller against Alba Laws and Brian Goudie.

The Court after Miller failed to appear to give evidence agreed the injunction could not continue, and on the first day of the Miller trial on Febraury 11th 2015 issued an order allowing the injunction to be lifted.

Ms. Baikrathok has already been interviewed by police in relation to removal of company property from the premises, and has been advised she is to return thr company property or be charged with theft but and failed to answer police summonses twice, leaving police no option but to request an arrest warrant be issued for Baikrathok.
boonrod baikrathok andrew drummond warrant fugitive
Baikrathok with now wanted fugitive Andrew Drummond

The story has been widely misreported by convicted criminal and wanted fugitive Andrew Drummond, who previously attended at the police station with Baikrathok.

Drummond recently fled Thailand just days before he was to be sentenced in the Supreme Court of Thailand, and is now the subject of two arrest warrants, in which Drummond is described as an 'escaped convict'.

A further arrest warrant was issued for Drummond in Pattaya Court on February 17th in  a case filed by Drew Noyes.

Lawyers for Goudie said today:

'Ms. Baikrathok told police she removed company property and signed a statement with police to that effect.

Ms. Baikrathok claimed as the director of the company she could retain company property - since she is no longer a director we have been instructed to give notice to her to return all company property and repair all damage within seven days or she will face prosecution for theft'.


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