Tuesday 17 February 2015

Pattaya, 17th March

Andrew Drummond - fugitive arrest warrant issued.

Pattaya Provincial Court this morning issued a fugitive arrest warrant for fugitive british journalist Andrew Drummond.

The arrest warrant comes just two weeks after another warrant was issued by the Supreme Court of Thailand on January 29th last month.

The Court issued the arrest warrant in a case filed by Drew Noyes when Drummond failed to appear. The Court also seized the bail bond.

Drummond was convicted in two cases last year in February and October - the latter by the Supreme Court, Thailand's highest court of appeal, in a case filed by James Lumsden.

Drummond faces five more criminal trials, the first three on April 20th in cases filed by Brian Goudie and David Hanks.

Drummond is now a wanted fugitive and an ASEAN border alert is expected to be issued.

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