Monday 5 January 2015

5th January 2015

Three Pattaya expats will face criminal charges to be filed by law firm #AlbaLaws and its managing partner #SukanyaWorakham

After a brief procedural hearing last week in a case filed by #PeterMorris, #Alan Dempsey and #HeinerSchellenberg lawyers were instructed to file charges against the trio for allegedly making false police reports and allegedly instituting groundless criminal cases.

The trio have already attempted to raise the case with Bangkok based Crime Suppression police, and Pattaya police - both attempts resulted in police dismissing the case, and the trio are now attempting to bring the case by themselves to Court,

An application to adjourn the case until March 16th was accepted to allow Alba Laws and Worakham to file the counter charges.

In addition to the criminal charges, the men will face a civil claim for damages for breach of contract.

The case has recently been reported by convicted criminal journalist #AndrewDrummond.

Lawyers for Alba Laws said today:

'Our Client accepted a case on behalf of these three individuals and that work was completed according to a contract signed by the three. The three then attempted to break the contract and avoid payment, leading our Client to place a lien on funds held - this is standard practice and permittted by Thai law.'


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