Friday 16 January 2015

Pattaya, 15th January 2015

The Pattaya Mail noiice (header added)

Convicted british journalist Andrew Drummond has published a notice of his recent conviction to comply with an order of the Supreme Court of Thailand.

Drummond was convicted by a judgement of the Supreme Court of Thailand on 27th October 2014 in case number 2137/2557 in a case filed by James Lumsden.

The case is a long running defamation case, going back to 2004. 

Drummond has published a first notice in the #PattayaMail.

Drummond was initially convicted in Pattaya Provincial Court and sentenced to two months imprisonment (suspended for two years) but in 2007 the conviction was reversed by the Region 2 Court of Appeal.

On 27th October 2014, the Supreme Court of Thailand reversed the Region 2 Court of Appeal decision and confirmed the decision of Pattaya Provincial Criminal Court, sentencing Drummond to two months imprisonment (suspended for two years), fined him THB 20,000 (GBP400) and ordered Drummond to publish the decision of the Supreme Court in 'The Bangkok Post' and 'Pattaya Today' newspapers three times within thirty days of the Court rendering judgement. Drummond was given an extension of time to publish the notices.

andrew drummond convicted journalist thailand
Andrew Drummond - convicted by Supreme Court of Thailand.
Drummond will face the Supreme Court again on January 29th in a second case filed by Lumsden.

The publication comes in the same week that the Independent Press Standards Organisation #ipso upheld two complaints filed by #BrianGoudie against Drummond over two newspaper articles printed in two major Scottish newspapers #The Scotsmand and #TheScottishDailyRecord. IPSO found that Drummond's articles breached the UK Editors Code of Practice, and contained 'significant inaccuracy'.

The full story of the Lumsden case is reported at this link.

Drummond has not reported his conviction on his website.


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