Friday 16 January 2015


Sukanya Pechan
Following a report on this site regarding a Cha Am property developer being named as a defendant in a criminal case filed at Pattaya Court on 6th October further parties have come forward and filed new cases in Pattaya Court,

Ms. Sukanya 'Suk' Pechan (สุกัลยา เป๊ะชาญ), formerly ran a company 'P S Consulting and Travel Co. Ltd' in Soi Chaiyapruek 2 in Pattaya, whose offices are now derelict.

Following Ms. Pechan being tracked down by John McDonald in Cha Am, Pattaya Court issued an order freezing some of Ms. Pechan's assets, including her shareholdings in 'P S Consulting and Travel Co. Ltd' in black case number 680/56 red case number 1221/56 in which the Court ordered Ms. Pechan to pay McDonald THB 760,000 plus interest, which with interest and costs now amounts to over 1.2 million Thai Baht.

McDonald. along with another party, Mr Malcolm Simpson has now filed further criminal charges against Pechan in case number 441/58 and 442/58 in Pattaya Provincial Criminal Court.  Court documents allege that Ms. Pechan made an illegal KAYFAC loan contract in the sum of THB12,000,000 (GBP225,000) without the authority of company shareholders.

Following leaving Pattaya, Ms Pechan apparently opened a number of offices in Cha Am.

It is now reported that following the reports on this site that the offices in Cha Am are also now closed and that a further foreigner has filed criminal charges against Ms. Pechan in Petchaburi Criminal Court.

P S Legal Group (Cha Am) Co. Ltd in Cha Am - apparently closed.

Ms. Pechan, born in Khon Khaen, now apparently runs three companies in Cha Am, PS Legal Group (Cha Am) Co. Ltd (บริษัท พี. เอส. ลีเกิล กรุ้ป ชะอำ จำกัด), PS Construction and Design and PS Legal One Stop Service Co. Ltd (บริษัท พี. เอส. ลีเกิล วัน สต๊อบ จำกัด ) and is believed to have interests in a number of property developments in the Cha Am area.

Ms Pechan will face Court in Pattaya on February 9th in black case number 10378/2557, which details almost 100 criminal charges, including holding illegal company meetings, multiple counts of criminal fraud and making and using false documents. The case was filed in Pattaya Provincial Court and alleges that Ms. Pechan incorporated a new company on behalf of a client on 24th January 2012 to purchase a property in Pattaya, but then on 9th February 2012 registered a KAYFAC loan on the property in the sum of THB 2,916,000 (GBP 56,000) without the knowledge of the client. The case alleges that Ms.Pechan sold the property with a right of redemption for THB 2,916,000 when the true value of the property was THB 7,500,000 (GBP 144,000).

P S Construction and Design in Cha Am - closed.

Court records show that Ms. Pechan and three others have been charged with holding more than 20 company meetings without advising the home owner, and each meeting has four associated criminal charges.ords show that Ms. Pechan and three others have been charged with holding more than 20 company meetings without advising the home owner, and each meeting has four associated criminal charges.

Ms. Pechan apparently left Pattaya in July 2013 and set up base in Cha Am, leaving behind offices in Soi Chaiyapruek and also two other offices in Jomtien. Ms. Pechan previously had offices in Soi Buakow in Pattaya.

Investigations into the activities of Ms. Pechan in Pattaya and Cha Am are continuing.


  1. This woman has filed a "Defamation of Character" charge against the owner of the property. The property she sold only 10 days after setting up a company for him. Leaving her 66 year old client homeless, and 4 million Baht in debt. SHE'S GOTTA BE JOKING!!!!! In Thai Law if it's TRUE it ain't Deformation...

    1. After 14 trips from Pattaya with overnight stays in Cha Am, enabling the defendant to attend the Petchaburi on time. The verdict was NOT GUILTY. Needless to say Sukanya Pechan never once turned up in court. Shame I am sure there were a lot of people who would have loved to have seen her.

  2. Does ANYONE know where she is?