Friday 27 June 2014

Andrew Drummond - charged with contempt of court.
27th June 2014

UK Journalist #AndrewDrummond has been ordered to appear in person at Koh Samui Provincial Court August 7th 2014 at 0900hrs.

Following a short hearing yesterday the Court issued an order for Drummond to appear in person on that date, after a petition was filed at the Court by lawyers acting for David Hanks in Black Case number 1246/2556. Should Drummond not appear, prosecuting attorneys are likely to request an arrest warrant be issued.

Prosecuting lawyers have requested the Court to examine articles posted on the website of #AndrewDrummond after Court hearings in November last year,  to determine whether or not the articles written by #AndrewDrummond amount to contempt of court.

For legal reasons the nature of the charges cannot be reported.

The contempt of court matter is to heard immediately after the close of evidence in Black Cases number 1246/2556, 1269/2556 and 1826/2556 brought by David Hanks and Brian Goudie under the tough Computer Crimes Act Thailand.

In Thailand it is contempt of court to misreport court proceedings, attack the character of a Plaintiff, Defendant or witness, or to publish details of witness testimony in an ongoing case.

Drummond if found guilty of contempt can be jailed for up to six months.


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