Wednesday 4 June 2014


Lee Nigel Tucker
Lee Nigel Tucker, who absconded while on bail in October 2000 at the age of 36,  (would now be 48/49) was part of a sick paedophile gang that targeted young boys aged between 12 and 15. 

Tucker absconded on bail after being convicted of a string of charges of child abuse including a number of sexual assaults and administering drugs. 

Tucker had been on remand for seven months, but was granted bail to get treatment for his illness (HIV positive) while awaiting sentence. 

He was given eight years in prison in his absence. Tucker, originally from Swansea, is still at large.

They described Tucker as a “dangerous criminal” and warned the public not to approach him. 

Tucker has a number of links to international destinations.

It is not known if Tucker has travelled to 'sex tourist' destinations such as Thailand and Cambodia.


  1. He lives in Cape Town South Africa and works as a helicopter pilot.

  2. He works as a helicopter pilot in Cape Town South Africa area.

  3. He was arrested today by Police and Interpol