Wednesday 4 June 2014


Below are the pictures of wanted/ known paedophiles.

Some who have absconded from the UK.

Please look at their photos closely and see if you have seen any of these men.

Some are suspected to be in Thailand, Cambodia or the Phillipines.

Profiles for each of the men can be found by clicking the link under their photo.

If you recognise any of these men please email

Abdi Karim Ismail

Abdulsamda Ahmed Raza

Andrew Simmonds
More information on  Andrew Simmonds
Barry Brunton

Brian Anthony Ward
More information on Brian Anthony Ward

Christoper Alan Birch

David Parr

Fatah Benlaredj

Father Laurence Soper

Hafji Rahmat Ullah

Hussein Ali Warsame

James Reading

Jason Waller

Jeffrey Redman Armstrong

John Archer Barnett

John Kamau Maina

John Platt

Keith David Richardson

Lee Nigel Tucker

Mark Andrew Haswell

Michael Booth

Michael Derek Sansbury

Muhammed Shahzad

Paulo Oliviera

Peter Phillips

Richard John Ramsay Burrows

Mark Andrew Haswell

Mark Andrew Haswell

Rifat Mehmet

Robert Hnads

Roger David Saunders

Saber Haldari

James Dunham

Stephen Brown

Stephen Mark Clare

Vladimir Jankunec

Zahoor Ahmed


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