Saturday 7 June 2014


A UK Journalist and a Thai journalist have filed proceedings in Bangkok Criminal  Court accusing Brian Goudie, Drew Noyes and David Hanks of breaching Thai Computer Laws.

Andrew Drummond who was convicted in February 2014 of the criminal defamation of Drew Noyes and David Hanks has filed jointly with Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth.

Booth alleges she was defamed in a blog, she says owned by the three, because the blog said her UK visa was cancelled as a result of her ex-husband Dennis Booth reporting to UKBA he no longer wished to sponsor her spouse visa, alleging an extra marital affair.

Booth further alleges she was defamed when the blog reported that she had threatened to kill herself outside the UK Embassy in Bangkok over the matter.

As a result of inquiries made, we now publish the link to a YouTube video above of Booth threatening to kill herself outside the UK Embassy in Bangkok, oddly enough originally published by her joint plaintiff in the case.

Further a spokesman for UKBA has verified the record of  Booth's visa cancellation, order for detention and deportation order made at Glasgow Airport in May 2010.

Booth has since appealed the visa cancellation, bnt although The Upper Immigration Tribunal found UKBA had erred in cancelling her visa, Booth has not as yet been able to persuade UKBA to grant a new emtry permit.

In order to succeed in a Computer Crimes Action, Booth must prove the imputation made is false, and based on the video above and the confirmation of the deportation order,  lawyers for the three must be feeling some sense of confidence.


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