Tuesday 15 July 2014

Koh Samui, July 14th 2014
andrew drummond journalist
Andrew Drummond - facing charges of contemot of Court

Sources at Koh Samui Provincial Court in the South of Thailand have confirmed that a summons has been issued to order UK journalist Andrew Drummond to appear in person on 7th August 2014 at 9 oclock to face an application for a temporary injunction preventing the publication of reports about witness testimony, or publication of his opinions and comments on the ongoing proceedings against him before that Court, and charges of contempt of court.

The hearing for restraint on publication orders on the 7th is scheduled to follow the close of three preliminary hearings set down for August 5th and 6th in Black Case numbers 1246/2556, 1269/2556 and 1826/2556 which relate to charges brought by David Hanks and Brian Goudie under Thailand's tough Computer Crimes Act.

Following an application originally being made by David Hanks for temporary restraint on publication orders, sources have confirmed that Brian Goudie has this week filed 'multiple' applications for further restraint on publication orders, and is rumoured to be intending to also request the Court to hold Drummond in contempt of Court.

The original story of the contempt of court charges is reported here.

It is understood that the Plaintiff's will also ask the Court to consider issuing an order to The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) to temporarily block URL's on Drummond's site regarding the proceedings pending trial of the cases.

Drummond has in the past claimed immunity from prosecution as a journalist acting in the public interest, however lawyers for Hanks and Goudie now say that defence has been negated by the use of 'photoshop' photos and also by apparent attempts to sway public opinion and in Drummond's own word to 'ridicule' the Plaintiffs - a strategy that in Thailand is frowned upon and may be considered contempt of court.

Contempt of Court is punishable in Thailand with a term of imprisonment of up to six months per offence.


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