Sunday 2 November 2014

Pattaya, 2nd November 2014

Andrew Drummond - convicted by Supreme Court of Thailand

The Supreme Court of Thailand has this week  convicted British journalist Andrew Drummond of criminal defamation.

In a case going back to 2004, the Thai Supreme Court has overturned the ruling of the Region 2 Court of Appeal given in 2007 that reversed Drummond's original conviction in a case filed by James Lumsden.

Drummond was originally convicted by Pattaya Provincial Court in 2004 and received a two month suspended jail sentence, but filed an appeal.

The Bangkok Post, originally a joint defendant, settled out of court.

The long running Court battle is now at an end, as the Supreme Court is the final level of appeal, and Thailand's highest Court has reversed the Court of Appeal decision and entered a judgement of conviction in decision number 2137/2557 announced on 27th October 2014.

In reversing the Court of Appeal decision, the Supreme Court sentenced Drummond to two months jail (suspended for one year) and fined Drummond THB 20,000 (GBP400) and ordered the full text of the judgement be posted in the Bangkok Post and the Pattaya Mail newspaper 3 times within 30 days.

Drummond was convicted earlier this year in Pattaya Court in another criminal defamation case number 9819/2555 filed by Drew Noyes and David Hanks,  and was sentenced to four months jail (suspended for one year).

In addition, Drummond faces at least five new criminal trials early next year in cases brought under Thailand's tough Computer Crimes Act.

The Lumsden and May case pre dates Thailand's the Computer Crimes Act.

Plaintiffs are expected to request the status of Drummond's press credentials in Thailand to be reviewed.

Drummond has not reported his conviction by the Supreme Court on his blog.


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