Sunday 2 November 2014

Pattaya, 2nd November 2014

Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok

A Thai national, Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok is to be formally charged with large value theft and multiple counts of fraud, along with two others.

Ms. Baikrathok, said to be an ex Pattaya Soi 6  'freelance' worker is to be charged in relation to the removal of company assets from the premises of her employer Jimi International Co. Ltd, along with two other women, Kanya Srilaard from Bangkok and Jindaporn Tungkaew from Chonburi.

Police informed the major shareholder on Friday 31st October that all inquiries are now complete, all evidence logged, and Ms. Baikrathok and her co accused will be summonsed presently to be formally advised of the charges, said to relate to theft of assets valued at approximately THB2,000,000 (GBP 40,000).

Ms. Baikrathok will also face Court in Koh Samui on what has been described as a 'large number of charges' amid allegations she had been forging signatures on company documents, including company cheques.

Ms. Baikrathok had previously advised police as the company director she believed she had authority to move assets, and police advised that to avoid prosecution she should simply return the items. The deadline to return the items has now expired, and accordingly formal charges will be brought.

Ms. Baikrathok is now employed in a real estate office called 'Pattaya Glory Real Estate' and her new employers have apparently also been made aware of the pending charges.

Following the theft of the company assets, documents and photographs from stolen telephones and computers, including pornogaphic images and videos apparently showing Ms. Baikrathok in a number of sexually explicit poses appeared on the internet.

Ms. Baikrathok initially blamed Brian Goudie for posting the images, but police have advised lawyers for Goudie there is likely no case to answer, and Goudie has never been contacted by police in relation to the matter.

Goudie is now apparently intending to  sue Ms. Baikrathok and journalist Andrew Drummond -  who also accused Goudie of posting the images - for making false police reports, criminal and defamation and charges under Thailand's tough Computer Crimes Act.

Drummond is already a convicted criminal, having been sentenced to four months imprisonment (suspended for one year) on 3rd February 2014, and on 13th November 2014 will be formally indicted in two cases under the Computer Crimes Act filed by Goudie, and a defamation case filed by David Hanks.

A Drummond supporter, Andrew 'Andy' Mathews was arrested on 31st November 2014, following an arrest warrant being issued from Pattaya Court and is said to have been transported to Nong Plalai remand prison pending applying to be released on bail.

Goudie, previously a friend of Mathews, coincidentally was at Dong Tan police station finalising the case against Ms. Baikrathok when Mathews was arrested.

Goudie said on Friday ' I am glad the case against Nang will finally be brought to Court, and of course she still has the opportunity to return the assets.

It was a shock to see Andy arrested - I know he has had some sort of disagreement with Rolf Haupt, but did not realise it was so serious to warrant being remanded in custody.

In relation to the posting of photos on the net,  I will say what I have to say in Court - police have however told my lawyers there is no evidence whatsoever that I had any involvement, and accordingly I intend to prosecute'.


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