Saturday 1 November 2014

Bangkok, October 2014

Phra Khanong Criminal Court this week dismissed the first defamation case brought againt human rights activist Andy Hall.

In dismissing the case, the court said the police probe, which stemmed from an interview with television network Al-Jazeera, was flawed as it did not involve a Thai state prosecutor from the start. 

The Court found there had been an irregular investigation, as police and prosecutors had not complied with s. 120 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Court in ruling found:
The investigation was not legal, which means the plaintiff has no legal right to file a complaint... the court dismisses the case.

Hall says he will now take legal action against those involved in the flawed investigation., and was qouted as saying:
Thailand's law enforcement officials should be held responsible for their unlawful conduct. Thailand's justice system should be commended!
Hall still faces further civil and criminal cases filed by Natural Fruit under Thailand's tough Computer Crimes Act, and alo a USD 10 million civil damafes claim.


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