Tuesday 4 November 2014

boonrod nang baikrathok
Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok

Police have been told a partner in Pattaya Glory Real Estate, a property manager and real estate agent based in Jomtien, near Pattaya in Thailand 'ransacked' a property belonging to her previous employer.

Ex Pattaya Soi 6 'freelancer' Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok, is expected to be charged with theft and property damage within two weeks after a long running police investigation, allegedly hampered by interference by 'external forces'. 

Viacheslav 'Alex' Shvedov

Her Russian business partner, Viacheslav 'Alex' Shvedov, is now aware of the allegations against Baikrathok, but has not yet made any comment.

Baikrathok has already admitted to police that she removed company assets from the premises of Jimi International, but is said to have claimed they were removed for 'safekeeping' - police interviewed Baikrathok last month and told her to simply return the assets to the company premises and no action would be taken.

Baikrathok has apparently failed to comply with the request to return the assets and formal charges are under preparation - Baikrathok will be summonsed by police to be formally charged and if she fails to appear police will request an arrest warrant be issued.

Police have now taken statements and documented the assets removed, and have photographed what is described as 'extensive' damage.
Door lock - busted with jackhammer.
Baikrathok is said to have been previously instructed not to enter parts of the premises rented to third parties and did not have keys, and to gain entry allegedly had a Thai builder 'Ot' jackhammer a wall to remove a security door.

Office - stripped

Company  offices are said to have been  stripped of all computers desks and office equipment, and all corporate documents taken out.

Air conditioners and compressors were removed, cables and piping cut out and broken conduits discarded.
Air con - cables cut and broken conduit discarded.

Office premises were stripped of desks, chairs and equipment.

A spokesperson said yesterday ' Ms. Baikrathok has been given every opportunity to replace the assets and return the premises to the condition they were in when she was appointed as manager, and has failed to do so.

The premises gave been closed for over a year and Ms, Baikrathok will now face both criminal charges and civil proceedings to recover losses.

The shareholders have no wish  to see Ms.Baikrathok prosecuted, but she has left us no choice.

Obviously we would advise anyone contemplating appointing Ms, Baikrathok as a property manager to give careful consideration before doing so'.

Baikrathok has not made any comment.


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