Wednesday 26 August 2015

Pattaya, 27th August 2015

Andrew Drummond - a 'liar' and 'incapable of telling the truth'.
A US businessman involved in ongoing litigation with a British journalist has spoken out today calling the journalist a 'liar'.

Drew Noyes spoke out from the US where he travelled to during an ongoing case and said that Andrew Drummond posting on his blog there was a warrant for Noyes,  or that anyone from Noyes' office had made any comments was 'a complete fabrication'.

Sources at Pattaya Court have confirmed there is no arrest warrant for Noyes.

Drummond,  who absconded whilst on bail in  a case filed by Noyes,  and who has at least five outstanding arrest warrants, was described previously on this site as being a journalist 'incapable of telling the truth' following dozens of inaccuracies being published on his site.

In recent months Drummond has failed to attend Court on at least five occasions, hencentral arrests warrants were issued, yet reports others are 'on the run' leading to accusations that Drummond is a hypocrite.

A number of complaints are now pending with the UK Independent Press Standards Organisation  (IPSO) and the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) regarding Drummond's site and web host Google is expected in coming months to come under increasing pressure to address accusations that Google is hosting Drummond's blog on it's Blogger platform in contravention of UK and European defamation,  data and privacy laws, sometimes referred to as the 'right to be forgotten'.

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