Tuesday 4 August 2015

Pattaya, August 1st 2015 

Andy Mathews - threatened to kill his ex employer

Pattaya Provincial Court has ordered a Jomtien real estate agent to surrender to the Court to answer charges of threatening to kill his former business partner.

In a case brought by Rolf Haupt, a real estate investor based in Hong Kong, the Court ordered Andrew 'Andy' Mathews to be arrested and brought before the Court to answer allegations that Mathews has issued various death threats against Haupt after Haupt filed several defamation cases against Mathews.

Mathews was ordered to appear on September 15th or an arrest warrant will be issued.

Mathews was previously arrested in October 2014 in a case brought by Haupt's company and a further case filed by a female employee of the company and spent three weeks in custody earlier this year after breaching his bail conditions twice.

It is alleged Mathews has sent hundreds of written threats and defamatory statements by email and SMS message to a number of other people.

At least ten reports have been made to Pattaya Police, and a recent SMS message is alleged to have said that any witness that attends Court will be stabbed to death.

At four recent preliminary hearings, the Court heard witness evidence and was satisfied a prima facie case exists for Mathews to face multiple criminal trials.

It is alleged in Court documents that Mathews has for at least a year been threatening a number of individuals, as well as sending hundreds of harassing emails.

Mathews is now expected to face an extremely tough bail hearing  as he has already been convicted three times in recent years in Thailand for violent offences, most recently for assault and aggravated criminal trespass, and has at least two current pending suspended terms of imprisonment totalling 26 months jail in total.

Lawyers are now expected to vigorously oppose bail in all cases against Mathews, citing a number of written threats made by Mathews not only to Haupt, but also allegedly to witnesses in the case.

Mathews joins his previous ally Andrew Drummond, the fugitive journalist, who also has several outstanding arrest warrants issued by Pattaya Court.

Andrew Drummond - Mathews previous ally, but now on the run after absconding whilst on bail.


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