Friday 12 June 2015

Pattaya, 11th June 2013

Kanokrat Booth - on the run from malicious prosecution charges.
Pattaya Provincial Court has issued an arrest warrant for Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth (กนกรัตน์ นิ่มสมุทธ บูส) after she failed to appear in Court to answer criminal charges of malicious prosecution.

Booth, a  Thai journalist, has been committed to trial to face the charges filed by Drew Noyes, following criminal charges filed by Booth against Noyes being dismissed earlier this year.
Drew Noiyes

The Court heard that Booth was unable toi attend as she was on 'important business', however the presiding judge found there was no evidence to support her reason for failing to appear, that Booth was aware of the need to appear, and the Court therefore was of the opinion that Booth intended to evade justice and made an order that an arrest warrant be issued.

Booth was previosly refuised entry to the UK in 2010 following UK immigraiton being advised her marriage to Dennis Booth had broken down. Booth was detained at Glasgow Airport before being deported to Thailand.

Booth appealed the decision by UK immigration, and despite success in the Immigration Appeal Tribunal, UK immigration has since not permitted her to re- enter the UK.

Booth grabbed media intention when she threatended to commit suicide in front of the UK Embassy in Bangkok.

Drummond - seven arrest warrants.

Recently, Booth has been involved in several cases involving convicted criminal Andrew Drummond, who adsconded whilst on bail on Computer Crimes charges in December 2014, and now has seven outstanding arrest warrants, and rumours abound that Drummond may face the prospect of extradition from the UK to Thailand - or prosecution in the UK.

The Thai Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) has already blocked Drummond's site.


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