Monday 29 February 2016

Pattaya 29th February 2016.

A US expat in Thailand working as an English teacher was this morning sentenced to a one year prison sentence in Pattaya Provincial Court under Thailand's Computer Crimes Act.

Robert 'Topper' Postak was jailed after a case was filed by Drew Noyes following Postak posting an electronically altered 'Photoshop' photo of Noyes, apparently in a sado masochistic 'gay' costume.

The Court found that Postak posted the photo on his website Sub Zero Siam after Noyes filed the case claiming the photo was fake and had embarrassed him.

A second man whose face was in the fake photo, Brian Goudie, testified at trial that the photo was definitely fake and that he had also filed a criminal case about the same photo against fugitive blogger Andrew Drummond, but Drummond had absconded prior to trial and had outstanding arrest warrants.
Andrew Drummond - has outstanding arrest warrants.
Postak's case is the first in a series of cases to be heard regarding the photos.

The Court rejected a defence by Postak that he had already sold the site.

Postak was remanded in custody pending a bail application to the Region 2 Court of Appeal in Rayong.


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