Thursday 28 January 2016

 Bangkok, 28th January 2016

A civil damages case filed by expat oil worker Alastair 'Ally' Cooper has been  adjourned without date prior to judgement.

Cooper filed the case for damages against Drew Noyes, Brian Goudie and David Hanks but failed to attend Court yesterday, sending only his lawyer K. Jirut.

The Court adjourned the case to await the outcome of a criminal case in the Court of Appeal which had already seen Hanks and Noyes dropped from the case.

Cooper has not given evidence in the case and under Thai law it is likely the case will be dismissed.

The lawyer for Cooper attended Court today only to find that he and his client had been cited for contempt of court following the unlawful publication of an unverified court record online - the Court advised the contempt charges must be heard as a criminal case.

Documents filed alleged that on 14th October Cooper's 'legal agent', Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth, had obtained an arrest warrant for Brian Goudie in Pattaya Court on the same day that a case had been scheduled in Bangkok.

The case in Pattaya, filed by Booth on behalf of Boonrod Baikrathok  ( บุุญรอด บ่ายกระโทก ), who is a retired 'freelance' worker in Pattaya alleges photographic images of her were posted online.

The Baikrathok case was dismissed by  police and public prosecutors in 2014 and was thrown out by Pattaya Court in July 2015 year after a botched preliminary hearing - Baikrathok the restarted the case, but Goudie's lawyers say they will appeal to the Region 2 Court of Appeal to have the case dismissed as an abuse of process.

Baikrathok herself allegedly continues to dodge police on charges that she stole equipment from one of Goudie's companies, a matter that has been brought to the attention of the Court.
Baikrathok - alleged to be dodging theft charges

Following becoming aware of the arrest warrant, Goudie filed contempt of court charges in Pattaya Court and Bangkok Court alleging that Booth was aware that Goudie was in Court in Bangkok.

Booth will face a hearing on charges of contempt of court on a date to be fixed.

Goudie has since filed further charges in relation to an unsigned court record  that has seen a number of parties being cited for contempt of court following the unlawful publication of an unverified court record online.

In a related matter in what is thought to be a first, the Technical Crime Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police are thought to be obtaining arrest warrants for two other individuals in relation to Facebook posts threatening Goudie online- neither individual is known to Goudie or is involved in the present case.

In Bangkok, the lawyer was warned that he could well face disciplinary proceedings, and Goudie has been advised to file civil and criminal charges against all parties.

Cooper is also facing trial on a number of Computer Crimes Act as a joint defendant with convicted criminal and wanted fugitive Andrew Drummond on Computer Crimescharges filed by Noyes, which are scheduled to go to trial later this year.
Andrew Drummond - wanted fugitive.

Drummond absconded whilst on bail in January 2015 and has outstanding arrest warrants in cases filed by Goudie, Noyes and Hanks.


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