Thursday 30 July 2015

Pattaya, 30th July 2015
Andrew Drummond -  'incapable of reporting the truth'.

Journalist Andrew Drummond, who absconded on bail from Thailand and fled to the UK in January of this year has falsely reported a convicted paedophile was 'fitted up' has been accused of being 'incapable of reporting the truth'.

Drummond with two criminal convictions and seven outstanding arrest warrants in Thailand has reported that Gregory James Miller, who recently passed away in Chonburi Hospital where he had been taken from Rayong Regional Prison, was ''fitted up', Drummond reports:

That Greg Miller was fitted up on several charges is a given. A retrial was ordered and six out of seven child sexual abuse charges were dismissed and five out of seven kidnapping charges were dismissed.

Greg Miller - died in custody
 In fact, Miller pleaded guilty to all charges against the advice of his former lawyer after changing lawyers from Alba Laws LLP, to Yongyuth Sirikrishna of Sukhothai Inter Laws in Pattaya received his sentence.

Lawyer Sanya Namnaphon of Alba Laws LLP had already secured Miller's release on bail for urgent medical treatment before a former staff member encouraged Miller to pay her a large sum of money, and later staged a robbery at the Alba Laws offices to try to cover the fact that she had been embezzling company funds - following a recent internal police investigation prompted by a complaint to the Royal Thai Police Internal Affairs unit,  an arrest warrant is now imminent for the staff member on charges of theft, fraud, trespass and embezzlement.

Miller later said that his new lawyers guaranteed him a maximum sentence of 10 years and all parties were stunned when the Court handed down in Novemeber 2014 what was one of the highest sentences on record in Pattaya.

The Region 2 Court of Appeal ordered Miller's sentence be reviewed, but no 'retrial' was ordered.

Following the change of lawyers, Miller was sentenced to 38 years in jail, later reduced to 27 years on appeal, and Miller sued, leaving the two legal firms embroiled in a legal battle that it appears cannot be settled.

Lawyers for Alba Laws LLP said this week:

' Whilst we deeply regret the death in custody of Greg Miller, it is unfortunate that the story has been distorted in the media by a convicted criminal journalist with many outstanding arrest warrants who is simply incapable of telling the truth.
Greg Miller was not 'fitted up', in fact he pleaded guilty to all charges against our advice and changed lawyers.
The evidence against Miller was absolutely overwhelming and included video and photo evidence that the Technical Services team of the FBI were able to 'crack' on an encrypted drive.
We have tried to settle the case with his mother but have been obstructed by constant meddling and lies and deceptions in the media.
Outside of the handling of Greg's case, his new lawyers have been illegally providing confidential information to Drummond will now see them facing criminal charges in Pattaya Court next month where the lawyers are being charged with contempt of court and leaking confidential Court documents.
We have already provided the FBI with a copy of all of our files that graphically show Greg Miller was guilty as charged.'

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