Monday 22 December 2014

Pattaya, 22nd December 2014

Alex Shvevdov
A Russian expat working an estate agent in Pattaya is to be investigated in connection with charges of receiving stolen goods.

Viacheslav Shvevdov (Alex) who has opened 'Pattaya Glory Real Estate' with offices in Pattaya Klang  was today reported to police in relation to his connection to Thai National Boonrod Baikrathok (Nang) who is to face charges of theft from her previous employer.

Boonrod Baikrathok (Nang)

Following a meeting at Royal Thai Police headquarters late last week, lawyers and shareholders representing 99.5% of the capital of 'Jimi International' attended at Pattaya Police to give final statements prior to Baikrathok being formally charged with theft from her previous employer, and also to prepare five new criminal cases to be filed against Baikrathok.

Shevdov has been implicated in the theft following allegations that stolen goods have been photographed in his office, and police are expected to summons Shvevdov to make a statement. Shvevdov appears to have Baikrathok working as his assistant.

The report against Shvevdov was made after an altercation on Friday between Shvevdov, who is from Habarovsk in Russia, and Brian Goudie who is one of the shareholders of Jimi International.

The delegation today has alleged that a number of items stolen by Baikrathok have now been identified and photographed in Shvevdov's offices and has asked that formal charges of receiving stolen goods be filed if the allegations can be proven.

Lawyers also presented documents to police relating to the recent criminal convictions in Thailand of a UK journalist who has been reporting on the case. The journalist has reported that Baikrathok as company director had the right to remove company assets, however police, lawyers and prosecutors have all advised to the contrary.

Baikrathok is alleged to have complained to senior police officers, and attended a meeting with a senior police officer with a mysterious Thai woman known only as 'Nok' who allegedly identified herself as a lawyer. Baikrathok was also accompanied by the UK journalist.

It is claimed that Baikrathok made allegations of unfair treatment and counter claims of interference with a police investigation have now been made.

Following the meeting today, senior officers have now reviewed the file and confirmed the investigation has been carried out according to law, and there is sufficient evidence to warrant formal charges.

Baikrathok had previously been given an option to have the case reinvestigated, but then failed to surrender to police on November 27th. Officers have now advised Baikrathok will be allowed one last chance to surrender prior to an arrest warrant being issued.

The journalist cannot be named in this article, as it seems he may also now be facing criminal charges in connection to the matter.


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