Saturday 6 September 2014

Pattaya, 3rd September 2014

A Thai national is to face multiple criminal prosecutions for theft, fraud and embezzlement, and likely also for making false statements to police, deceiving investigating officers and obstructing a police investigation.

Boonrod Baikrathok, or 'Nang' has already been questioned by investigating officers twice and refused to make any statement, but following a case in Pattaya Court this week, in which Ms. Baikrathok was a witness, being withdrawn, Ms. Baikrathok has been give fourteen (14) days to repair damage at her ex-employers offices, return all company property, and repay funds she is alleged to have withdrawn from company bank accounts.

Ms. Baikrathok is alleged to have taken property and equipment, made withdrawals from bank accounts and caused damage in a value over THB 6,800,000 (GBP 150,000) and is facing separate prosecutions from #AlbaLawsLLP, #BrianGoudie and Jimi International Co. Ltd.

Charges are expected to be filed within fourteen days.


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