Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Christopher Hobbs - investigators fabricated evidence
A U.S. citizen who was arrested in Pattaya on June 8th 2014 after being accused  of sexually assaulting a Thai boy and a  Cambodian boy aged 13 and 14 has been exonerated of all guilt.

Christopher Lee Hobbs, 56, was originally arrested by officers from the Pattaya Women and Children's Protection Unit at his home in Pattaya Tai Soi 20, just off Pattaya Third Road for allegedly sexually assaulting the two minors and has now publicly accused police and investigators of fabricating evidence.

The sexual assaults had  allegedly taken place at Mid Town Villa. where another man, Steven Strike, a known paedophile was renting an apartment.

An organisation involved in Child Protection, ATCC, is alleged by Hobbs to have fabricated evidence.

Hobbs was arrested on 8th  June 2014 in Soi 20 off  strength of arrest warrant number 114/2557 issued by Pattaya Court on April 4th 2014. but immediately following Hobbs arrest the children identified a third man, Steven Strike, as the real offender.

One of the boys was unable to recall any details of the alleged crime scene.

Hobbs alleges the FBI provided information to Thai police that led to the wrongful arrest of Hobbs.

Strike was known to the FBI as a known child offender, and had previously been arrested in Pattaya for child offences - the only connection to Hobbs seems to have been that Strike had an apartment in Mid Town Villa and used a vehicle registered to Hobbs that was a vehicle used in a juice distribution business which Hobbs had invested in.

Strike had already been arrested in Thailand in December 2013 and deported, where he is now serving a ten year sentence.

Several further irregularities were found all indicating Hobbs was innocent and had been wrongfully arrested.

After 14 months prosecutors declined to proceed with the case against Hobbs amidst the allegations of incorrect identification of the real suspect, and fabricated evidence.

Hobbs made this statement earlier this week:

The case cannot be dismissed if there never was a case filed in court. It can only still be classed as an investigation that resulted in a false detainment and arrest. It is only because Noja and his paid police pals fabricated a case and put me on media illegally is why this has become more than just me being detained, questioned and later released. It took 14 months for them to “release” me and not about drop the case or charges.
 The police case was such a piece of total S…T that they could not even proceed with “charging” me in court because it would be a total embarrassment to the police. They knew two days after my arrest it was the other guy because the Thai boy identified Strike and he was the only real victim because the second illegal Cambodian was a total fake crime and victim created by police and they did not want to bring the charges or case to court because it would come out what they did.

It still took them 14 months to stop pursing an investigation.

Hobbs has filed charges against a number of police officers and has stated he intends to sue US FBI agents who were also involved.

The facts as alleged by Mr Hobbs can be found at Stranded in Thailand .



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